Note: Amahatotchi will be redesigned



Amahatotchi is a female Tamagotchi character that will appear in Tamagotchi Hiwa~!. She lives in Tamagotchi Town and sometimes helps out at Tama Cafe because of her ability at creating sweets from scratch. She also secretly wants to work at TAMAX-TV with Lovelin, but her forgetfulness and naivity means she would forget all her lines.

She ends all her sentences with hato, which means heart.  Also, when she wants to call somebody -sama (e.g Mametchi-Sama) she says Ama instead (e.g. Mametchi-Ama).  Ama is short for amaku, which means sweet.


Amahatotchi's original appearance depicts her with white skin and deer-like ears that have red hearts at the tips. She has a light blue band around her head with three big pink hearts, and a tuft of yellow hair coming from it. Her dress is light blue with a red heart in the middle, with light pink fluff at the bottom. She wears high pink boots with light pink fluff at the top..


She is very romantic. Unfortunately, she tends to get a crush on every boy she sees.  Her dream is to one day get married, but she hasn't even been on a date yet. She has a big heart but she isn't very intelligent, and needs her classmates to help her with her homework.

Amahatotchi is unintelligent, meaning she always needs help with her homework. She is also terrible at following directions and remembering important things. Fortunately, she is extremely lucky and somehow manages to make delicious sweets by mixing random ingredients.

She is very kind and helpful, but sometimes she accidentally causes any trouble rather than being any help. Some mean Tamagotchis like to tease her but she doesn't care because she doesn't even know what insults mean. It is impossible to offend her.

Name originEdit

Her name means "sweet heart" in Japanese.



Anime version of Amahatotchi (I did an error with her eyelashes :P)