Angelitchi/Ryuukoumaitchi is a female fanmade tamagotchi. She has white fur which is bound by a hairband. She got her main outfit from Tamamori. In her younger teenage form, she is wearing blue, not pink, and no hearts are on her hair. She hates when people mention that she has fur. In her adult form, she has pink eyelashes and blue eyes and in her teenage form, she has blue eyelashes and blue eyes. She is very fashionable and loves dresses, no matter how cold it is. She secretly admires Lovelin. Her eyes are very big. Edit


She has a crush on Kuromametchi, and her mom is Angelmamatchi, the owner of the Tama Baguette. She is best friends with Anemoriritchi. They hang out at the Tama Baguette. Angelitchi is very rich. Her english name comes from the word Angel and her japanese name comes from Ryuu, meaning fashion and Mai, meaning elegance.Edit