Chohoshitchi is the main protagonist of starcore. It is unknown if she has true magic, but she can mutate, unlike the friends she meets after she runs away.

Chohoshitchi wears a blue sleeveless dress, and a hood with cat ears. She has green eyes when they're enlarged.

She is nice, though she is quite spazzy. She is a good friend, though Kevin messes up her mind and she prefers to be alone for a while. She usually has her head in the clouds.


She runs away from home as a child, unaware of the trouble ahead of her. When she meets Boris the caterpillar, she learns a lot of life skills. She is introduced to Akatontchi after awhile. After more years, she lives with Akatontchi and is introduced to Kevin. After that, she gets stressed out over if she has a crush or not. This causes her to get angry easier and prefers to stay in her room alone. Months later she overcomes the stress and hangs out with akatontchi, and ditches Kevin. Her life continues to be great. She lives with Akatontchi and dosen't marry.