Derptchi is an adult female character with no releases on any Tamagotchi devices yet. 



Derptchi looks kind of like an aqua Memetchi. She has short, straight black hair, with bangs that cover her eyelashes (three per eye). Her eyes are a very dark grey (so that they don't blend in with her black hair) and are usually looking in two directions at once, though Derptchi's eyes will properly align once in a while. She wears a purple t-shirt with a pink heart on it, a medium-length jean skirt, red sneakers, and a purple striped bow in her hair.


Derptchi is very kind, though she is definitely... not the smartest girl on Tamagotchi Planet. She loves to play video games and bake lemon bars (the latter of which she is not very good at). However, her feelings are hurt very easily.

In the Anime (If She Was, Anyway)Edit

Derptchi is a very kind, yet not very smart, girl. She always tries to help others when she can. However, she tends to make situations worse, because of her low intelligence. Her feelings can be hurt very easily. She tends to blurt out "derp" at random times, usually at the end or in the middle of most senteces. Her close friends are Mametchi, Violetchi, Rockstartchi (character)Smartokotchi, Ichigotchi, Tosakatchi, Spacytchi, and Kuromametchi. She loves to annoy Kuromametchi whenever she has the chance. Derptchi really wants a phone, but her parents refuse to get her one, since she once borrowed a friend's phone and called Kuromametchi nonstop with random annoying messages. She loves to play video games, but not violent ones, since she hates violence. Derptchi also loves to bake lemon bars, though they usually end up a charred pile of lemon-scented slime. She has a boyfriend called Pentachi.

Name OriginEdit

Derptchi's name comes from the word "derp", which describes her personality and why her eyes are not properly aligned.

Random Pictures of DerptchiEdit