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Emotchi (エモっち Literally translates to Emotchi) is a female adult character who debuted on the Music Star as a secret code character you could get off Music City. Her birthday is the 2nd of April.

Personality Edit

Emotchi is silent, but is able to talk if she wants. Even though she's an emo, she doesn't follow stereotypes like cutting herself. She is very shy, but can be loud when excited. If she sees something she likes, she will tell everybody in sight it's backstory and it's infomation, making her a closet chatterbox.

Biology Edit

Emotchi is a pale white Tamagotchi with gray hair with a pink streak running through it. Her eyes are dark blue but have no irises. Her mouth is a small triangle shape, while her body is connected straight to her head. Her arms are little stubs and so are her legs.

History Edit

Emotchi isn't a part of a specific family group, but she was raised properly. She came from Music Land, but didn't want to play an instrument. She was quite shy when she was younger, and didn't like to socialise. When she went to school, she would sit out in group activites and would play with blocks, creating different buildings. Emotchi wanted to be a builder, but convinced herself that she was a girl, and girls can't be builders, which wasn't true. She later moved to Dream Town in hopes that she could become a fashion designer, and has since been studying there.

Hobbies Edit

Emotchi likes to sow clothes for herself, not following fashion trends. After school, she will usually spend time in Fashion Class sowing with a few other students.

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Chatterbox Emotchi.