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Equius Zahhak, also known by his Trollian handle centaursTesticle, is one of the Trolls. His associated zodiac sign is Sagittarius (♐), and he has one broken and one arrow shaped horn. He also has broken sunglasses, broken teeth, hair that extends down to his back (with a very prominent widow's peak).

The name Equius takes its root from the Latin Equus, or "horse." It may also be in reference to the play "Equus," in which a boy discovers his sexual affinity towards horses. This would explain Equius' almost unhealthy obsession for anything relating to "hoofbeasts." His first name could also come from the constellation "Equueleus", which means "little horse". Equius is a complicated and disturbing troll. He is a firm believer in the blood-caste system and believes you should respect those higher than you and is personally disgusted by those who are lower. He believes you are not only allowed, but obligated to boss around anyone who is lower-ranked than you and to accept and obey orders from anyone who is higher-ranked. He believes "highbloods" should act with elegance and authority and "gutterbloods" should act with crass and submission, and most importantly, highbloods and gutterbloods should not fraternize. Any deviation from this pattern (such as Emilytchi and Aradia's actions) flusters him greatly. He tries ordering highbloods to order him around, but notices the contradiction. He is brilliant enough to build his own robots and Electricity dolls, just to destroy them in bouts of rage. He has an appreciation for fine Alternian musclebeast art, depicting extremely muscular and well-endowed beasts displaying their brutish strength. He tries to keep up with many aristocratic practices, and has dabbled in slam poetry (mostly about his creepy fetishes).

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When was Emilytchi created?Edit



Before the Prof. went into his real experiment, he did many tests on human bodies. Emilytchi was made as a prototype that couldn't generate electricity by itself and could only be activated once. He failed many times over and over until he finally succeeded in animating Emilytchi. But she was only a doll that moved by flowing electricity into her constantly. Her limbs could move temporarily and would only last for about 30 seconds. But this was still one step closer to his goal of creating new life. He began to design Equius who could generate electricity by itself and increased the size of the body to do this. It is still unknown why Emilytchi can move like Equisi after the experiment. Most likely, when Equius was created, a part of the large amount of electricity used to animate Equius flowed into Emilytchi as well. She was able to store a vast amount of electricity in her due to an accident. She was also a non-playbie character from Tamagotchi Final Showdown she with Equiusi.

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He was a playbie in the Tamagotchi Final Showdown he makes a non-canon as unlockbie in the home version.