I rather not be a princess or queen, I want to be a goddess instead! ~

-One of Floratchi's quotes.


Floratchi (フローラっち) is a female character from Tamagotchi jewel. She has not been on any tamagotchi release yet.

Personality Edit

Floratchi is upbeat and cheerful, and smiles a lot. She has an informal style, and uses it all the time. She tries to act formal, but she fails at it.

Eve with her informal style and personality, she is a very kind, sweet, and friendly girl. She is very affectinate and romantic, and loves to give hugs.

Even though she seems gentle, she is harsh on the inside. She has a bad temper and sometimes she yells at her friends (she tries not to yell at them), and is afraid that she will loose them.

Appearance Edit

Floratchi has white/cream skin and two light grey "horns", making her ram-like. She wears a yellow dress with peach frills at the bottom, and has long sleeves. She also wears a green flower necklace, green stockings, and two sunflower shaped hair ties. She also has her ears pierced, but she doesn't normally wear earrings. She is a little shorter than most of the other tamagotchis, due to being younger than them.

Her idol outfit is a red V-necked dress with shorts underneath. She also has star and heart shaped tamamori on her head.


- She is the first main idol who doesn't have the 'fluffy' look.


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