Fortetchi is a male adult character but is nearly identical to Pianitchi and he is very special character on Tamagotchi Friends: Reach for the Future.

Fortetchi male pianitchi by 00purplepyonkotchi00-d7jczjs

Personality Edit

Fortetchi is Pianitchi's friends and hope Pianitchi will make friend with him and he is very shy but when he get mocked he will angry and against some people who mocked him. When he angry he must control the anger and he oftens fight with his rival is not his friends but his rival is anyone.

Personality Stage Edit

He have his personality stage is his Genderbending Fortetchi and he is very exclusive personality stage but not appears in Tamagotchi 4U/4U+ but this stage is only appeared in Tamagotchi! 2(on Episode 32, Season 3)

Kira Kira Boys Edit

Fortetchi founded Kira Kira Boys with Fortetchi friends but suddenly when bad things happen that could lead to fighting with his friends and that causing the band get breakup in Episode 15(S2). When in Episode 45(S3), Fortetchi apologizes his friends and once again the Kira Kira Boys band is revived.

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Fortetchi is a female character but the name is nearly identical to the gender male one but the name could be really confused about it.

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She have alots of her friends and the creator of those fanmade TV shows and comics in Tamagotchi style and when she unveils her hat she is have a beautiful hair and she is a human of Tamagotchi style oftenly, when she get mocked she will going get mad about someone insults and being mocked with her but she can also appears as a raisable character in ORITAMAGOTCHI❤LIKE sometimes she could appearances in Twitter account is called forte371.

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