Jangmitchi is a skunk-like child tamagotchi. Her name "Jangmi" is the Korean word for "rose." Unlike skunks on Earth, Jangmitchi smells like roses, hense her name. She is in Chamametchi's class and is best friends with Himetchi. She has a crush on Kikitchi, but he doesn't know it yet. Jangmitchi lives with her older sister Kousuitchi and her parents Jangmamatchi and Kousuipapatchi. When she first joined Chamametchi's class, Jangmitchi was terribly shy and scared of everything and everyone. Eventually she became friends with her classmates and learned how to stand up for herself.

Jangmitchi looks like a skunk, but is white with a black stripe down her back. She has a rose tucked behind her left ear. She also has a long fluffy tail, round ears, large blue eyes, and swirly pink cheeks.