Jerry is Male Tamagotchi Who is Based on Jenny(제니) from Bogul-Bogul Cook(보글보글 쿡) and Hummy from Suite Precure and Aroma from Go Princess Precure Besides His Original Motif Jenny is Female. He is Always Full of Motivation and Very Vigor Tamagotchi, Such Like His Female Counterpart, Miraitchi. He Always Loves to Fly Alongs with His Twin Brother, Perry. And He Also love to Sing Same as His Twin Brother. However He is Only Scared of Vampire, He also Doesn't Like Garlic, Irocally Vampire Hates Garlic. He was Met Turbomin from Kamiwaza Wanda and His Friends in Dream Town, And He Explained He Must Protect Mysterious Egg from X-Kamen(Who is Originally Melodytchi) with His Twin Brother, Perry,

Jerry(Jenny) as Tamagotchi in My Version