Kisekitchi(キセキっち) is a female adult character appears on Tamagotchi PC as a special character from Momotchi and she is very shy from her friends and the creator of her is IgeiFullmetal

Tz tamagotchi pc program submission kisekitchi by igelfullmetal-d6iahi8

Her artwork from TamaZone Tamagotchi PC Submission

Personality Edit

Kisekitchi is a young Tamagotchi living close to the TZ clubhouse. She is very shy, however she angers when she feels she is being mocked. Kisekitchi is part of an elusive species of Tamagotchis who's main job is to give miracles to those who need them most. She stores her miracles in the heart shaped vessel she wears around her neck. The vessel, who's she calls "Miracle Sensei", is alive and sentient, and creates miracle energy from the happiness of other Tamagotchis around it. It speaks to Kisekitchi through her heart, and teaches her the ways of a miracle giver. Sometimes, when she is angry with it, she yells aloud, startling others. Kisekitchi's big dream is to one day to grow the angelic wings only given to the most powerful miracle givers.