Kumi is Female Tamagotchi Who is Based on Kume(꾸메) from KumePume(
Kume(Kumi) as Tamagotchi My Version
상상친구 꾸메푸메), Su Ellen from Arthur, Which is Popular Kids TV show from PBS Kids, .GIFfany from Gravity Falls which One of TV Show from Disney and Wanipi from Amagi Brilliant Park which is Japanese Tv Show inspired by Novel had Same Title by Shoji Gatou, Besides Her Two of Motif Characters(Kume and Wanipi) are Male. Differently from Her Motif, She Loves to Prank on The Others, Including Her 'Friend' Hickorytchi. She Also Loves Funny TV Show, And She Had Lots of Crushes(Colin, Kiokei, Karakutchi and Even Knighttchi). However, She Doesn't Like When She was Pranked on By Somebody. Then She Would Mad or Crying Loud When She was Pranked on.