Lt. Bob Bragan

Bragan as seen on Golgo 13: The Professional

Lt. Bob Bragan was one of the villains of Golgo 13: The Professional. He is the leader of a police task force hired by Leonard Dawson to help him avenge Robert's murder. He had hired a monstrous hitman named Snake who had easily slaughtered a team of CIA agents in a hangar. He attempts to have Golgo killed in his car after an assignment in Sicily but the assassin escapes in time. In San Francisco, Bragan tracks Golgo when he kills a mafia don who was a former Nazi captain. Then the big battle began, when Bragan sent his men to finish Golgo. As his car is destroyed, Bragan thinks he is dead, but Golgo kills his men before he kills the lieutenant. In his last moments, Bragan wounds Golgo with his gun.

Bragan came back from the dead by re-appearing on a 2018 film crossover between the Golgo 13 and Tamagotchi franchise, Golgo 13 x Tamagotchi!, along with Golgo 13 and Cindy. In this film, Bragan travels to Bran Castle to confirm the execution of Mametchi; the body he finds is a decoy that is being used by the real Mametchi to flee from the castle. He is referred by the Tamagotchis as "Golgo 13's Inspector Zenigata".