Design concept of Makazetchi

Makazetchi is an evil Tamagotchi character who lives in a hidden location in the sky. He captured the parents of Pajamatchi and Sorsaratchi when they were younger. He will appear in Tamagotchi! The Secret Wish.


Makazetchi is black with long white hair going over one of his eyes. He has two, curled red horns and a silver crown in his head. He wears a deep red, rotting cape. His has one fang, two claws on each hand, and red eyes.


Makazetchi is a malicious, demonic being who holds a great amount of power. He can create storms and can block any spell that gets in the way of his plans. There is no reason why he is evil; he was born with a dark heart. He is greedy and selfish, and enjoys torturing others just for the fun of it. He is dangerous because of his deadly, sharp claws.

Name originEdit

Makaze is a Japanese term referring to evil wind, or a storm created by a demon.