Mamelovitchi Template:Jat

Official artwork of Mametchi by Phineas and Perry Fan.

Genders and Releases:
  • iD L MameLovitchi Version
Kirakira Town
coming soon

Mamelovitchi is Mametchi's old friend. She recently moved to Tamatown. Her brother is Tensaitchi. Her best friends are Template:Lovelitchi, Template:Mametchi, Template:Melodytchi, Template:Spacytchi, Template:Debatchi, Template:Moriritchi and Template:Himespetchi. She pretends to know a lot about love and gives Himespetchi love advice that always fails. She also tries to matchmake all the tamagotchis and often gets in trouble for it.




Mamelovitchi is kind and outgoing, but is too nosy for her own good. She spends every day trying to matchmake. She can't see without her glasses on and can be clumsy. She is smart and can invent things like Mametchi but often with a girly flair and more matchmaking-centered reasons. She doesn't give up easily.