Rockstartchi is an adult female Tamagotchi character with no releases on any Tamagotchi devices yet. She is the user Rockstartchi as a Tamagotchi.


Rockstartchi has hot pink skin. She wears a crimson T-shirt with a black star on it,, a short black vest, a black skirt, black boots, and purple glasses. She has short, brown, curly hair. There are lightning-bolt-shaped shine spots in her eyes, with three eyelashes per eye. Sometimes, her eyelashes are hidden by her bangs.She looks a little bit like Memetchi. When she is very happy, she is shown with a triplet musical note above her head, representing the fact that she is singing.

Rockstartchi Drawing (pencil smudges make her look more purple than pink!)


Rockstartchi is a very fun-loving, random, weird, and intelligent girl. She is a drummer and singer, and also plays guitar a bit. She is also very good at volleyball. When she plays sports, she can get very competitive. Also, when someone tells her something she does not believe, she will ask for "scientific proof", no matter how random the statement. She is very outgoing and great at making friends. Rockstartchi loves to draw, doodling skulls, stars, music notes, chibis, and other random characters and things in her sketchbook whenever she can. She tends to say "meep" and "potato" a lot for no good reason.

In the Anime (if she was, anyway)Edit

Rockstartchi is very good friends with Kuromametchi, Ichigotchi, Violetchi, Spacytchi, Mametchi, Tosakatchi, Smartokotchi, Derptchi, and many others, but they are some of her closest friends. She's very outgoing and random. Kuromametchi thinks that her randomness is extremely annoying at times, but this does not prevent them from being good friends. She is very well-liked and intelligent, always helping others when she has the chance. Also, when Smartotchi and the twins (Miraitchi and Clulutchi) arrive from the future, she becomes friends with all of them (not shown in any episodes).


  • Rockstartchi is a day younger than Kuromametchi.
  • Rockstartchi is incapable of blushing. She tested this when she was seven years old.
  • Rockstartchi is sometimes seen wearing a wire cat-ear headband with pink plastic pearls on it.