Smartokotchi is a female adult character with no releases on any Tamagotchi devices yet. She is Smartotchi's long-lost twin sister. She is the younger of the two.


Smartokotchi looks very similar to her slightly older brother, Smartotchi. She is light blue with light pink cheeks. She wears a light grey dress with blue leggings underneath. She has a hot pink bow on one of her ears. Her eyes look like Smartotchi's except they are slightly more purple and have three eyelashes per eye.

Smartokotchi (it's easier to see the picture in full screen)


Smartokotchi is very fun-loving and optimistic. She is kind of loud, unlike her brother, who is usually quiet. She is almost always seen smiling. However, she has a rebellious streak. Whenever somone tells her to stop doing something that she can't control (like randomly spinning when she walks and is extremely happy), she will say "Let me be an individual!!!" to the person who tried to stop her. She sometimes gets so caught up in doing this that it gets her into trouble, but that does not happen very often.  Smartokotchi loves to sing, and is very good at it, sometimes randomly breaking into song when she's with her friends.

In the Anime (if she was, anyway)Edit

Smartokotchi is a very fun-loving , optimistic, and loud girl, but she's sometimes rebellious. She is very good at cheering people up when they are upset. She usually gets along with her twin brother, Smartotchi, very well. She is the younger twin. Her close friends (besides her brother) are Rockstartchi (character), Pianitchi, Coffretchi, Miraitchi, Clulutchi, Derptchi, Mametchi, and Kuromametchi.

Name OriginEdit

The "Smarto" comes from her brother's name, Smartotchi, and "ko" is a Japanese suffix used in some girls' names (and some other female Tamagotchis' names).