Design concept of Sorsaratchi

Sorsaratchi is a male fanmade Tamagotchi character. He is the older brother of Pajamatchi.


Sorsaratchi is pale gray with dark gray markings. He wears a blue wizard's cap with a star at the tip. He also wears a blue cloak with a moon on the front. He has a dog-like ear on the left side (his right-hand side) of his head, and a tuft of fur on the right (his left-hand side). His fur tuft is spikier than his brother's. He's short; despite being notably older than Pajamatchi, he's about the same size.

Name originEdit

His name comes from the Japanese word ソーサラー . It is spelled in English letters as Sōsarā, technically Sorsarar. It is the Japanese pronunciation of the English word "sorcerer".

Trivia Edit

Pajamatchi and Sorsaratchi were originally going to be the central characters in Tamagotchi: The Secret Wish, but they are now going to be replaced due to too much resemblance to Mofumofutchi.