Subarashiitchi(スバラシーっち) is a young girl who dreams of becoming the queen of  

SubarashiitchiGIF from TSG

Blue-lined version of Subarashiitchi(courtesy of Tama-Star-Girl)

Chochigotchi Planet, an alternate gender-bend version of Tamagotchi Planet. She is the leader of the Splendid Sisters, consisting of herself and her two little sisters, Aosubaratchi and Murasubaratchi.

Her birthday is July 20th, the same as her Tamagotchi counterpart, Spaceytchi.

In The AnimeEdit

Along with her sisters, Aosubaratchi and Murasubaratchi, she crash-landed on Chochigotchi Planet, planning to gain control over it. She's not very bright, so she can't seem to get her plans to work.

Subarashiitchi is also good friends with Ponpuntchi, Shiromamitchi, and several others. She is very friendly in public areas, but she is mostly looking for a perfect plan to take over Chochigotchi Planet otherwise.


Anime-Style Subarashiitchi

Subarashiitchi in the anime.

  • She loves her blonde curls very much, to the extent of calling them 'golden beauties'. This explains why she is scared of haircuts.
  • When she was little, she had a 'cutesy face' which she doesn't seem to use anymore.
  • She seems to be attracted to Luckytchi, but never wants to admit it, even though Ponpuntchi knows about it and sometimes playfully teases her about it.