Original art

Sushigatchi is shy and is often mistaken as chamametchi. She is on a fan game called tamagotchi sushi.ver. She owns a sushi restaurant. Her boyfriend is bloodpoolgatchi, cakegatchi is sometimes jealous.


She is shy and smart. Sushigatchi loves sushi and sometimes thinks about turning someone into sushi. She can easily be angered and she is sometimes seen in a hidden in her sushi restaurant with a butcher knife. Her friends are cakegatchi, cookiegatchi, jellogatchi and her best friend rainbowgatchi.


Two kids were bored. So one kid named myles told the other kid (Sabrina) about tamagotchi.they started to make fan characters starting with cute gatchi. Then Sabrina had a idea and made Sushigatchi. Her original design was a chamametchi with powers and a pet blob. Sushigatchi was only created because Sabrina decided to replace a cute bear switched it around with Sushigatchi. Later she had a small mimitchi as a tamapet. She has a headband