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Sweetietchi (甘いっち Literally translates to "Sweet Match") is a female adult Tamagotchi who debuted on the V4 connection as a corrupted debug character. Her Birthday is the 31st of August.

Personality Edit

Sweetietchi can be kind, but mean if provoked. She is friends with other fanon Tamagotchis. Sweetietchi is very close to her friends, but barely visits their homes due to staying at home too much. She is OK at math and looks up to Chantotchi. Her favourite subject is English, which is different for a Mame character.

Biology Edit

Sweetietchi belongs to the extended Mame family, and as such has genes connected to her. Her ears are bright red with two pink bows, and she has two purple eyes. Her mouth is kitten-shaped. She wears an orange dress with red frills and red little shoes. Her skin is pale yellow.

History Edit

Sweetietchi debuted as a corrupted debug character due to disorganized programming; it's impossible to get her as a character. She then appeared on the V5 Familitchi, being a secret character evolving from Chantotchi. She hasn't appeared on any Tamagotchi since.

Hobbies Edit

Sweetietchi is obsessed with electronics, preferably human ones. She loves to play with her Tamapet, Wakaikuma. She loves sneaking to Earth in her personal UFO to go steal electronics from innocent people's homes. She denies it every time and says that she's just "borrowing" from the humans. Sweetietchi has never returned the stolen electronics. Ever.

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