NOTE: THIS PAGE WAS MADE IN 2011 SO DON'T CALL THE NAME A RIPOFF OF TAMAGOTCHI FRIENDS. A tama friend is a new version of a tamagotchi

for Version Tama Friend plus Figure

Like a Tama Go,It has figures

However it starts without any.

for The Normal

It is normal

25 random characters

for Both

They both have color!

They both start with eggs! (Tama friend plus figure will auto hatch when you put a figure)

They never die!

Hurry! there's a limited edition color called........ Crystal Blue!

There are only 1,000 of them!

Esclusive to Toys R' Us

2014 RevampEdit

Tama Friend
In 2014:

Tama Friend has improved with:

  • Affection Bar: The bar shows how much that the TAMAGOTCHI loves you! The TAMAGOTCHI's expression shows how much he/she is happy.
  • Tickling: When you rub your TAMAGOTCHI, They will be happier. The more, the happier and the TAMAGOTCHI's Affection Bar will rise!
  • Tama Friend Square: You and your TAMAGOTCHI can travel around Tama Friend Square and do these:
    • Shop for clothes for your TAMAGOTCHI!
    • Play 15+ games!
    • Go to the train station so your TAMAGOTCHI can go to the My Tamagotchi City Website and another Tama Friend System!
    • Go to the Tama Sushi District for food that will make your TAMAGOTCHI more full and happy!
  • ​More Rooms!: The 2014 Tama Friend now has 5 rooms!
    • Main Room: The Main Room has 4 shortcuts for Eating, Bathing, the Toilet, and Sleeping!
    • Kitchen: Practice cooking, eat, and wash dishes!
    • Living Room: Play 3 games with your video game system and watch 5 different channels.
    • Bathroom: Go here for your TAMAGOTCHI to take a bath, clip fingernails, and do private time in the toilet.
    • Bedroom: You could sleep, change clothing, and review Today's Quests.
  • Today's Quests: Bored? Try those quests for extra cash!
  • 10 New Characters: There are two new baby, two new toddlers, two new children, two new teens, and two new adults! (One each gender, they are original characters by JennyAlexander.)

Colors available in Girly Crystal, Sweetheart Muffin, and Lemons Squeeze.