The title

Tamagotchi & The Forbidden Fruit (たまごっち ! 禁断の果実 Tamagotchi! Kindan no kajitsu) is a new upcoming animated show on Tamagotchi Each one will be 23 to 22 minute long


After 3 months on DoriTamaTown the people start team up to be Beat Riders and the new corperation named Yggdrasil Coperation but in aftermath the unknown crack comes from nowhere the Inves from crack attacks people. There is only one hope is Armored Riders.

Beat RidersEdit

Team TamaBeat (NEW)

  • Mametchi
  • Kuchipatchi
  • Memetchi
  • Lovelitchi
  • Violetchi
  • Gozarutchi

Team Roblox (NEW)

  • thebfs
  • dryzeak
  • greedychickenturkey (Grdy)
  • Ludipup (aka Spoonaura)
  • Nyxous (DAT FAIIZZZZ)

Team Gaim

Team Baron

Yggdrasil MembersEdit

  • Takashima (Boss)
  • Tony (CEO)
  • Cosmo (Secretary)
  • Meloetta (Lock Dealer)
  • Melodytchi (Professor)
  • Yggdrasil Henchmen