Tamagotchi! The Secret Wish is an upcoming fanmade animation series. It is set in Tamagotchi Town, before the Tamagotchi! anime took place but after Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe!. There will be 2 seasons, each consisting of 10 episodes, making a total of 20 episodes. One episode is about 10 minutes long.


Season 1 Edit

Kashiritchi and Kageritchi are two brothers whose parents have been captured by a sky demon. With no hope of countering the demon's evil spells, Kashiritchi only has one goal, and enters Tamagotchi Town for the first time because the citizens have what he needs to fulfill his plan. The two of them befriend unsuspecting Tamagotchis, but are their intentions for good or for evil?

Season 2 Edit

With the discovery of a much more powerful force than magic, Kashiritchi and Kageritchi venture to the sky demon's lair in an attempt to face off against him once and for all. However, they are helpless without the power of the Sapphire Amulet and its Holder.  Will their mission prove successful, even when a terrible thing happens to the Sapphire Amulet?