Tamagotchi: The Rad Side is a 2017 slice-of-life anime in the Tamagotchi series.



Here is the logo is made by Nigel Danh

WARNING: Spoilers are ahead. If you don't want to read this section, skip to the Episodes section.

Radtchi comes to the Tamagotchi Planet via and chest bumps Mametchi, leading to him gaining a manly chest and a belly button. Even Kuromametchi gets this, making his shirt and gloves disappear as well. When he finally does this to all the Tama boys, they have discovered their rad side.


NOTE: Episodes premiere every Sunday. If you want me to add new episodes, please leave a comment.

  • How The Tamas Became Rad - January 1, 2017 - See the Plot section.
  • Surprising the Girls - January 8, 2017 - The Tama boys show off their radness to the girls. Even Lovelitchi knows of Manly Zukyutchi's.
  • Vest Day - January 15, 2017 - The Tama boys celebrate Vest Day by wearing open vests.