A Video game that was coming soon for the PS3, Xbox and PSP. the character into humans.


  • Loana
  • Lily
  • Anna
  • N.I.E.Y
  • Equius (Unlockbie for the Console version)
  • Billy
  • Nazo
  • Bobby
  • Jackie
  • Pyron (The Female version from the midnight bliss and Unlockbie for the console version)
  • Mama Lalonde (Unlockbie)
  • Karkat
  • Sollux (Unlockbie)
  • Terezi
  • Eridan (Unlockbie)
  • Aradia (Unlockbie for the Console version)
  • Sushigatchi (Unlockable)

Character SearchEdit

  • Mano (PS3 and PSP Version)
  • Alex (Xbox, PS3 and PSP Version)
  • Dee (PSP and Xbox verison)
  • Emilytchi (Non-Playbie)
  • Hayona (Non-Playbie)
  • Xandir (PSP and PS3 Version)

More characters coming soon