The Tamagotchi Kamui is Kaumi's forth fan-made release. This time around it is based on Tamagotchi!

It is based mainly on the Tamagotchi Connection series and the Tamagotchi Colour series.


The sound is one semitone higher than that of the Colour Tamagotchis.

Instead of stage growth (eg. Baby to Child), it has growth that goes from e.g. Level 1 to Level 2. There are 8 levels of growth, a newborn and an oldie stage and the oldie children. It also has one secret character.


T-SP stands for Tama-Star Points. These are earned depending on your generation ranking (e.g. S-Rank generations will give 5,000 T-SP.) There are many ways to earn T-SP.

Growth ProcessEdit

Egg to Newborn: 5 minutes 20 seconds

Newborn to Level 1: 1 hour

Level 1 to Level 2: 3 days

Level 2 to Level 3: 3 days

Level 3 to Level 4: 3 days

Level 4 to Level 5: 3 days

Level 5 to Level 6: 3 days

Level 6 to Level 7: 3 days

Level 7 or Secret Character to Matability: 1.5 weeks

Unmated Level 7 Character to Level 8: 7 days

Mated Level 7 Character and mating partner will evolve into "parent" form. The next day they will produce two eggs which will hatch in 5 minutes. In 48 hours the parents will leave. This applies to Level 8.

If any oldies are mated, one of the oldies' children will appear, depending on care given to the baby.