Terminatortchi by The Ultimate Doomer final

An MN Series-tchi Terminatortchi cross section image, showing the metal endoskeleton.

Terminatortchis are machines sent from the future by the artificial intelligence Skynetchi, to elimate all Tamas.


Terminatortchis are robotic machines. They consist of a nearly indestructible metal endoskeleton, which can be covered in synthetic skin to mimic Tamas. The Terminatortchis with the "skin" covering are called Infiltratortchis, and are used to infiltrate the Tamas while remaining unnoticed.


Since Terminatortchis are cybernetic organisms, they show no feelings or emotion. Their programming allows them to almost perfectly imitate Tamas. They will do whatever it takes to complete their mission. They see everything through a red glow, and mission information and other data is displayed on their built-in HUD.


The MN Series-tchi Terminatortchi is designed based on the appearance of "Mamesians" and other similar Tamas.