Wakaitchi Blue

Wakaikumatchi (若いくまっち Literally translates to Young Bear) is Sweetietchi's Tamapet that appears on the V5 along with her.

Personality Edit

Wakaikumatchi is fierce and protective of Sweetietchi, which annoys her to no avail. He is aggressive to anyone he hasn't met. He's not doing that on purpose; he just needs to get to know them in order to be friendly. Once he is, he becomes so calm that it's like he never hated them.

Biology Edit

Wakaikumatchi is a yellow bear with round ears and a chubby head. The inside of his ears are red. His eyes are thin and his nose is a light brown. His anatomy is similar to a cat.

History Edit

Wakaikumatchi was adopted by Sweetietchi when she set out to live on her own. He became very close to her and has been very protective since. Not much is known about his family.

Hobbies Edit

Wakaikumatchi likes to sit on the couch and relax with Sweetietchi. His favorite snacks are Tama Cakes. He loves to chase anything and will stop at nothing, which is a problem for Sweetietchi.

Gallery Edit


Wakaikuma "threatening" a tennis ball.