Watashiwatchi (わたしわっち) is a male character from Tamagotchi. He has not been on any tamagotchi release yet.  


Though normally quiet and timid, Watashiwatchi has a deep resolve in his heart, and that's to make true friends.  Despite being somewhat frail, suffering from asthma, he has a strong trusting heart. Even though he can be quite obstinate, were he to have friends, he would be quite compliant towards them, often going along with their plans and ideas, until someone is endangered.  He is always ready to help out whatever friends he makes, even if it means placing himself in danger. As odd as it seems,  he took up drumming, having been inspired by his mother's violin expertise as a child.  The most important gift given to him though, is the scarf he wears.  Passed down from parent to offspring, he is the 8th child on his mother's side of his family to possess it.  But there is a spirit, born of his ancestors' aggregation of the wishes of friendship lives within the scarf, much like how Melodytchi's violin houses a spirit as well.  Having gone off on his own as a teen, he seeks out the blessings of friendship and perhaps find his significant other...

In the Life and Times of Watashiwatchi, He encounters the adult Stellatchi in Tamagotchi Town, and falls in love with her. This motivates him to find the Kuchipatchi of Truth in order to grant her dearest wish, to have a family. Over the course of such tribulations, he eventually encounters the relic, and through its power and Stellatchi's kiss, he evolves into an adult. However, during his evolution, his size diminishes. He is extremely romantic and affectionate towards Stellatchi.


Watashiwatchi is a chinchilla. He wear a sky blue shirt with 4 buttons, night blue pants. His skin is goldenrod and eye color is midnight blue. At one point he was the size of any normal teen, but when he evolved into an Adult, his height dwindled down, making him smaller than Chamametchi, which also makes him smaller than adult Stellatchi.

Name OriginEdit

Watashi (わたし) is mean me, I, I am, my.