Yamispetchi was born on Spacytchi's planet and is a distant cousin of Himespetchi.

She looks like Pipospetchi (in terms of the shape of her body) but she is all black with gloved hands and white legs. Her eyes are shaped like Spacytchi's eyes but are green (which is a unique trait on her home planet).

Spacytchi found Yamispetchi next to his spaceship, she was trying to get inside and look around it. He saw her eyes and felt his heart race at their sight. He instantly forgot Himespetchi and his former crush on her, and Agetchi became a distant memory to him when he saw Yamispetchi's heavily-lashed green eyes. They spent a few hours together and he found out that Yamispetchi, similarly to Kuromametchi, likes listening to rock-metal and wants to take over the world like Spacytchi and his brothers. They quickly became interested in each other. Everyone on Yamispetchi's home planet had blue eyes but they were mostly shaped like Pipospetchi's so she was bored of this kind of eyes and wanted to see black eyes on some Tamagotchi. However, Spacytchi's eyes attracted her to the point that she developed a crush on him. He was also crushing on her, but they are both known to be very shy so they had multiple chances to confess their love to each other but they shyed away.

Yamispetchi by yeay